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Song A Week 14 - Close To Home


Well it has been a while since my last song a week but I’m still going to be doing them and hopefully even catch up before number 52. I don’t have a great excuse for why I stopped writing songs over the summer. Fear was part of it as well as being busy, moving to a new house and not having my gear accessible.

However, I’m more pleased that I’m writing again than the fact that I wasn’t writing before.

It’s been a long day the air’s getting colder
I take a deep breath feel the weight slip off my shoulders
So close to home
So close to home

Getting close to home I can feel you waiting
Waiting for the sound of my tires on the pavement
Oh I’m so close to home
So close to home

There’s something in the air tonight
Something that feels just right
So close to home, so close to home
So close to you

Talking on the phone you said that you miss me
You wanted me around and not to go missing
Oh that struck close to home
That struck close to home

I roll into the drive and I see you waiting
Standing at the door, you’ve been so patient
I’m finally home
Finally home
Finally home