Announcing The REPL podcast

I sent the first newsletter for The REPL two years ago, and I have really enjoyed writing it. I’ve learnt a lot from what people have written and created to share with the Clojure community. Sometimes when I’m writing the newsletter I’ve thought “That’s fascinating, I’d love to hear more about the technical details of that”. Now I have an outlet for doing just that.

I first had the idea of producing a Clojure podcast around January 2018. I didn’t have the time for it then, but the idea kept swirling around the back of my brain. When Michael Drogalis’s Pyrostore was acquired, I wanted to hear more about the acquisition, so I contacted Michael to see if he wanted to talk about it. That became the first episode.

My goal for The REPL is to talk with people about the technical details of the projects they are working on. The Clojure community has a ton of interesting people doing really creative work with Clojure. I’ve really enjoyed talking with a bunch of people already, and I’m looking forward to talking to more of them in the future. You can find it It’s available on Apple Podcasts, RSS and all of the other common podcasting apps.