Snippets are small posts, quotes, or writing that didn't make it to a full article, but that I still wanted to share.


  1. Why does Google Cloud Storage need Turbo Replication?


  1. Fixing Chrome DevTools warning "Using unsafe HTTP verb"
  2. What's the difference between http2and3 and http3 in Cloudfront?
  3. Leiningen dependency commands in Clojure CLI
  4. Using classifiers with deps.edn
  5. Excluding credits from your AWS Bill


  1. Deciphering IRD's new acronyms - IIT return and ITN return
  2. What do :project/dev and :profiles/dev mean in a Leiningen project?
  3. Playing Apple Music from multiple devices on the same Apple ID with a family subscription


  1. Screaming in the Google Cloud


  1. How to upgrade Terraform provider plugins and modules
  2. Fixing Ansible error: "SSH Error: data could not be sent to remote host "". Make sure this host can be reached over ssh"
  3. Bryan Cantrill on Integrity
  4. How bad is the Windows command line really?
  5. Working Remotely


  1. Bret Victor's reading tip #1
  2. Plumatic Schema - specifying
  3. Heisenberg Developers
  4. Debugging with the Scientific Method - Stuart Halloway


  1. It Was Never Going to Work, So Let’s Have Some Tea
  2. Not Even Close: The State of Computer Security - James Mickens
  3. Alibaba could buy Yahoo for free
  4. Github Issue Etiquette
  5. Getting Clojure map entries
  6. Peering into core.async buffers
  7. Microsoft supporting OpenSSH
  8. Support tickets
  9. The organising principles of a social network
  10. Meeting our users where they are
  11. Angles and Angels
  12. Binge Watching


  1. Running your code in the future
  2. Spark opens a new $60m data centre in Auckland
  3. Save It For Your Bartender
  4. The Tyranny of Or
  5. Software Is Eating The World - Health Insurance Edition
  6. Saved You A Click
  7. The Poor Usability Tell
  8. Data Science Curriculum
  9. Bondage and Discipline Languages
  10. Repairing Apple Products


  1. Maturity


  1. Seth's Blog: Form and function