1. Penny Wise and Cloud Foolish


  1. Reviewing DisplayLink for macOS and the ALogic DX3
  2. Understanding DisplayLink, multiple displays, and M1 Macs
  3. Building Stable Foundations - Heart of Clojure 2019 talk


  1. Staff


  1. Improving videoconferencing audio quality for remote workers
  2. Why Heart of Clojure was special
  3. Announcing defn-spec, a library to create specs inline with your defn
  4. State of Clojure Survey 2019 Analysis


  1. On Abstraction
  2. Announcing The REPL podcast
  3. State of Clojure Survey 2018 Analysis
  4. How to serve ClojureScript files in development
  5. Adding Context to CockroachDB's Article "Your Database Should Work Like a CDN"


  1. Detecting the users's time zone using pure JavaScript
  2. The case for and against Clojure predicates returning nil
  3. Uber-Alphabet Lawsuit Updates
  4. The Uber Bombshell About to Drop
  5. State of Clojure Survey 2016 Analysis


  1. A guide to the Datomic licensing changes
  2. On cluster bombs and data journalism
  3. Why are people worried about types?
  4. Announcing The REPL - A weekly Clojure newsletter
  5. Requiring records in Clojure and ClojureScript
  6. git check-ignore: Explaining why git has ignored a file
  7. Speeding up Clojure(Script) sorting by 100x
  8. Decompress - A new podcast I'm hosting
  9. State of Clojure Survey 2015 Analysis
  10. A Context Free Grammar
  11. Tracking down memory leaks while testing on Circle CI


  1. The Debuggers Paradox
  2. The James Mickens Collection
  3. Clojure Reader Conditionals by Example
  4. Conditional read not allowed - Clojure Reader Conditionals
  5. Repeating yourself in Clojure
  6. What is the Job To Be Done of a web framework?


  1. Why Docker and CoreOS' split was predictable
  2. Open Source Is Free As in Baby
  3. A review of Ark - A new replication algorithm for TokuMX


  1. Muse - Starlight