Detecting the users's time zone using pure JavaScript

While working on Deps I wanted to detect the user’s time zone at signup, to localise the times that I presented to them. I hunted around and found a variety of libraries that offer time zone detection, like moment.js, and jstz. However I wasn’t keen on pulling in a dependency on one of these libraries if I could help it, so I kept looking. I also considered trying to detect the user’s time zone from their IP address using something like the Maxmind GeoIP database, and that probably would have been the method I settled on.

However in my research, just before I started with IP based detection, I found that there is a newish Internationalization API, which will give you the user’s system time zone.

=> "Pacific/Auckland"

All current browsers support the Internationalization API including IE11. However there is a slight wrinkle to keep in mind when using it: on some older browser versions that do support Internationalization (IE <=11, and Firefox <=51), the timeZone property is set to undefined rather than the user’s actual time zone. As best as I can tell, at the time of writing (July 2017) all current browsers except for IE11 will return the user’s actual timezone. If you do need to support older browser environments then you could look at moment.js. It uses the newer Internationalization API when it is available, and falls back to other heuristics if it isn’t. For my purposes, my browser statistics show almost no IE usage, so I chose to just use the newer method, while also allowing the user to manually update their time zone if they needed.