Reviewing DisplayLink for macOS and the ALogic DX3

I recently was looking at how to get more than one display connected to my new M1 MacBook Air. DisplayLink technology had a lot of limitations but was the only option I could see. I looked at different docks and ended up purchasing the ALogic DX3.

These are my thoughts after a few months use. I’ve split the review into DisplayLink and ALogic DX3 sections. Most of my complaints are about DisplayLink and I think would be the same no matter which dock/USB adapter you choose.

Alogic DX3



Overall, the ALogic DX3 dock serves it’s purpose well. If you had any other option, I wouldn’t recommend choosing DisplayLink technology, but with an M1 Mac this your best (and only) option. However, I’m encouraged that DisplayLink are continuing to improve the Mac user experience. When I upgrade to a new MacBook Pro, I’ll either use the DX3 without DisplayLink (if that will work), or sell it and purchase a standard Thunderbolt 4 dock.